Valatie Falls Hydro

Plugin Stations Online owner John Doran has Valatie Falls Hydro up and running! Since purchasing the hydro plant in 2018, Doran has been on a mission to again produce clean energy on site.

Providing clean energy directly to the town of Valatie, the plant has come a long way since transitioning owners in 2018. Doran has fully refurbished the plant into a new, improved facility. A beautifully refurbished office, as well as a fully operational storage facility on site. Storage is currently used to house material for Doran’s company, Plugin Stations Online (PISO). PISO is a turn-key electric vehicle charger installer located right down the street in Valatie, New York.

With support from the previous plant owners, Fred and Bob Munch, energy is now reconnected and providing clean energy to the grid. The plant kicked off in the early 90’s and is famous for appearing in Harry Houdini’s last movie, “Haldane of the Secret Service.” A true staple of the town’s community.

Doran has the site certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission but didn’t stop there. The renovations are still in progress and owner John Doran has big plans for the future. For more information, please reach out to []