Town of Bethlehem Looks to Greener Future

Town of Bethlehem Looks to Greener Future with New EV Charging Stations.

National Grid and PlugIn Stations Online team up to assist the Town of Bethlehem with the install on 6 new dual port EV stations at various locations around the Town of Bethlehem. In addition, the Town of Bethlehem is embracing electric vehicles with electric bikes and other vehicles being integrated into their Town fleet.

Thursday October 28th, 2021 at the Bethlehem Town Hall (445 Delaware Ave. Delmar NY 12054) PlugIn Stations, the Town of Bethlehem, and National Grid will combine for an official press release of the new EV stations.

National Grid is providing funding to EV projects across the State with a goal of installing 16,000 new charging ports in the next few years. The program will fund 100 percent of the electric infrastructure associated with new EV charging units.

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