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Our Mission

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is committed to a greener future by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and supporting the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution. We have been in continuous operation since 2011, and have brought environmentally-responsible EV charging to dozens of locations. We use the latest available charging technology to provide an affordable, approachable, and modern charging experience.


Our Expertise

 With decades of combined experience in the fields of commercial, industrial and residential electrical installations, PISO has a proven track record of quality and affordability. Our team of excavators, electricians, and fabricators are ready to respond to all your service needs. Whether you need to install, repair, or service EV charging equipment, we have you covered


Our Partnerships

To provide clients with the best EV charging experience, PISO has an exclusive partnership with ChargePoint. ChargePoint is the leading manufacturer of a globe spanning network of EV charging stations. Their cloud-connected stations provide the best possible EV charging experience, leading the charge towards a greener future.

Additionally, we have been recently certified an EVBox Platinum partner. As EVBox overtakes America, we are right there with them, providing the best value on charging stations and related services. 


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