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As the smoke, or should I say smog, begins to clear from our major cities we look to the next step in cleaning our air. This terrible pandemic has given us the ability to capture a glimpse of a world with drastically less pollution due to internal combustion vehicles. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

According to a recent release on NPR.org, even though traffic has decrease by about 40% around the country the effect on air pollution is still minimal. Their findings show that in most areas’ ozone pollution has only decreased by 15% or less. Commercial trucks appear to have an oversized effect on ozone pollution

We believe that trucks and buses are the next hurdle in EV adoption. Right now, electric fleet vehicles account for less than 1% of the vehicles on the road. GreenBiz highlighted 8 all-electric heavy-duty big rigs, semi-trucks, box trucks, delivery vans that can help with obtaining our goal to a cleaner America. Companies like BYD, Chanje, Daimler, Nikola, Rivian, Tesla and Volvo are paving the way of the future.

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It’s not just the initial investment but the infrastructure that is tapping the breaks on this evolution. Fortunately, ChargePoint and the National Association of Truck Stop Operators (NATSO) have a way to bridge that gap. They call it the “National Highway Charging Collaborative.” The initiative is a 1-billion-dollar investment focused on the expansion of EV charging along highways and rural communities in the US.

Other Cities across the world are taking more drastic measures. The city of New York will start purchasing only electric buses by 2029, LA is looking to ban all gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles in the city by 2030 while Seattle has similar goals. Across the world you will find cities and then countries pushing to meet aggressive zero emission goals.

PlugIn Stations Online strives to make these goals a reality. We offer turnkey solutions to all of your EV charging needs. Let us know how we can help!


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