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ChargePoint Express 100 DC Commercial Charging Stations

ChargePoint Express 100 image - ChargePoint Express 100

Make your business a preferred destination

Innovative features of the Express 100 include:

  • Speed: A 24kW output station that charges at a maximum rate of 100 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour).
  • Connectors: Compatible with current and upcoming DC capable EVs from Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche, Volkswagen and others.
  • Form Factor: Slim design with wall mount and stand options, allows you to install the Express 100 virtually anywhere.
  • Reliability: The Express 100 is designed to isolate critical electronic components from the outside environment increasing reliability and performance.
  • Low Cost: State-of-the-art power conversion electronics make this one of the smallest and lowest cost DC fast chargers available.

Where People Go To Get Charged

Where People Go To Get Charged