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Below we include below helpful information that pertains to our specific operations.

Granting Rights to PlugIn Stations Online (Org ID: 07057)

Watch the instructional video titled “Allowing Third Parties to Manage Your Stations (Rights Granting).” To access this video, log into ChargePoint and Choose Videos and Manuals from the Help menu.

  1. Log into ChargePoint
  2. Click on the Organization tab » click Grant Rights » click Grant New Rights.

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  1. You are now ready to complete the Grant New Rights form:
    • Enter the Org name, if it hasn’t already been entered for you.
    • From the Rights dropdown list, choose:
      • Network Management
  • In the To 3rd Party org field, enter ORG07057
  • Enter a description that reminds you why you are granting these rights, It’s a good idea to include the full name of the organization somewhere in the description field.
  • Select the stations to which you want to grant rights. You can select individual stations, groups of stations (radio groups or custom groups), or all your stations.
  • Click Grant Rights.

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