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EV Charging for Universities and Colleges

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Showcase your commitment to a better, greener future

Educational institutions stand at a vanguard of a better world. Show students, faculty, and visitors the pledge your institution makes towards bettering the world we all share. Your commitment to sustainability will not go unnoticed. Even more, PISO makes charging easy with ChargePoint technology. ChargePoint makes charging easy with proactive monitoring, repairs, and 24/7 driver support. Additionally, ChargePoint’s cloud connected technology will help you easily monitor the access and usage of your charging stations. We’ve already installed EV charging stations in forward-thinking institutions like Ithaca College, SUNY, Columbia and many others. To learn more, feel free to drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to show you how our EV charging stations can benefit your educational institution.

Where People Go To Get Charged

Where People Go To Get Charged