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PlugIn Stations Online completes EV charger installation under the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge formerly known as the Triborough Bridge.

MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has partnered with PlugIn Stations Online to work towards a fully electric fleet by 2028. The project kicked off this year with the installation of two ChargePoint CPE 250’s, both stations are fully installed as MTA prepares to work towards a fully electric fleet.

MTA currently has over 5,500 busses burning over 37.5 million gallons of gas per year. The company has made the first step towards a greener future. Alongside President Joe Biden, the company aims to consume 0 gallons of fuel per year by 2040, an ambitious goal. MTA has money aside to purchase over 500 Electric Vehicles by 2024.

The first two stations have been installed with aim to have more in the ground in upcoming months. The ChargePoint CPE 250 station holds more power for faster charge speeds. This is critical as the demand for fast charging increases.

PlugIn Stations Online and MTA are excited to see what the future holds. To learn more, please reach out to info@pisoev.com

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