A Glimpse into PISO’s Vision with President John Doran

Led by visionary John Doran, Plug-in Stations Online (PISO) stands as a beacon of innovation. In an insightful interview, John shares the journey of PISO, its inception, and the dedicated team that propels it forward.

Vision to Inception

John reflects on the company’s journey, starting with a unique vision to make a mark in the electrical world almost 13 years ago. PISO was born from John’s goal to bring a distinct perspective to the electrical world. Recognizing the importance of charging stations for electric cars, John envisioned PISO as a pioneering force in this transformative landscape.

The Powerhouse Team Behind PISO

At the core of PISO’s success is its remarkable team, driven by camaraderie and an unparalleled passion for the industry. John paints a vivid picture of an incredibly intelligent group of professionals who not only comprehend the intricacies of the EV sector but also excel in executing projects from station sales to final commissioning. The secret, according to John, lies in their commitment to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

From Level 2 to DC Fast: PISO’s Exponential Growth

A testament to PISO’s achievements lies in its ability to transition from the “level 2 world” to the “DC fast world”. John takes pride in the company’s journey beyond traditional charging stations and into the transportation industry. Breaking out of the traditional boundaries of the EV industry has allowed PISO to grow exponentially and create countless valuable connections.

Driving Innovation Forward with John Doran

As the EV industry evolves, guided by leaders like John Doran, PISO remains committed to staying ahead of the curve. John envisions a future where PISO continues to lead, explore emerging technologies, and solidify its position as an industry pioneer.

At PISO, the focus is not just on building charging stations; it’s on fueling the future. Stay connected with our journey by reading our blog and case studies as we drive innovation in the electric vehicle infrastructure landscape.

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