Home Charging

Home Charging

LEVEL 1 (5–10 RPH)

It’s recommended all EV drivers have access to a home charging station. Most plug-in vehicles can use a level 1 charger. If that is not the case, PISO proudly stocks and distributes various home charging stations. These chargers plug into a normal household outlet and for most drivers, will be able to fully charge your vehicle overnight. 

  • Chargepoint Level 2 Home Charger
  • ELVI Level 2 Home Charger
  • Blink Level 2 Home Charger

Home Charger Details

Home chargers can plug into wall outlets similar to your washer and dryer. These are easy to install and carry a long life cycle. Just plug it into your outlet and you are good to go! Please reach out for a quote, or visit our product page to see our latest product offerings!

Product Pricing: $600-$800

Electrical Work: $100-$1,500


PISO supplies, distributes, installs, and services almost every type of EV station. 

From free site visits to informational support, we are here to help! Our team is available for support Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Our staff is happy to point you in the right direction as well as educate you along the way. Contact us today!

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