DCFC Installations

DC Fast Charging (Level 3) – The Next Generation of Charging Infrastructure

From government entities to commercial properties, PISO can support the needs of any industry. We have years of experience working on projects of all sizes and can meet any set of project goals.

PISO works with most major EV OEMs and handles all aspects of the project lifecycle from initial discussions with the local utility, through design, permitting, material procurement, construction, commissioning, and post-installation service.

Fast Charging Details 

Most DCFCs you see these days will deliver about 200 RPH, but 600 RPH units are being commonly installed now. This means that you can stop at a rest stop for a half-hour or less for lunch and get 300 miles of range to continue your trip. The charging technology exists to deliver 2000 RPH, but these installations are rare at this time because they are costly and most vehicles on the market cannot yet accept that much electricity. 


At PISO, our commitment to your fast-charging infrastructure goes well beyond the installation phase. We prioritize offering annual maintenance and support services to ensure our installations always perform at their peak.

Our focus is on the durability and longevity of the charging infrastructure we set up. Through periodic checks, timely upgrades, and immediate troubleshooting, we ensure your investment remains future-proof and reliable. Whether it’s a minor software update or an essential hardware check, our team of experts remains at your service, guaranteeing optimal performance for years to come.

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