Trailblazing EV Charging Since 2011

For over 12 years, PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) has been leading the way in electric vehicle infrastructure and charging across the Northeast. We’ve installed over 3000 ports and have worked with a wide range of businesses and projects to revolutionize the future of EVs. 

Our expertise includes:

Our History

The president, founder, and owner of PISO, John Doran, developed a passion for electric cars when he first began working as an electrician. While pursuing his certification and teaching at a local school, John met George Moglia who entertained him about starting an electric company in a not-so-typical industry. So, on Earth Day in 2011, PlugIn Stations Online was created.

Watch John’s interview on Roadtrip Nation to learn more.

Our Partners

We’ve cultivated relationships with all the best manufacturers of EV charging equipment.

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We are on contract with the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) with ChargePoint (contract #PC68451). We also work to provide electric vehicle charging solutions to government agencies, school districts, and nonprofit organizations without OGS seeking multiple bids–saving them time, energy and money!

Join the Revolution

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