Electric Ground Support Equipment

Electric Ground Support Equipment (eGSE) – Bringing Environmentally Friendly Technology to Airports

PISO can help increase efficiency and functionality by adding new charging infrastructure to support all types of electric ground support equipment (eGSE), including baggage tugs, belt loaders, and pull-back tractors.

An electric ground-support fleet results in less noise and air pollution, reducing the airport’s environmental footprint and helping it meet its clean energy goals. Travelers and airport employees will see a direct benefit, as gas-powered vehicles will no longer need to enter terminals to pick up luggage, thereby eliminating the carbon monoxide they leave behind.

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No matter what the project scope is, you can count on our expertise to support your EV needs.

  • Technology: We offer the best in charging equipment for projects of all sizes.
  • Experience: With over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve installed thousands of EV charging stations.
  • Durability: We offer maintenance and repair services to ensure the lasting performance of all project types.

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