Electrify Your Fleet with NY’s Latest Funding for Electric School Bus Charging Infrastructure

Governor Kathy Hochul announced new funding for electric school bus charging infrastructure, opening up a world of opportunities for New York’s school districts. With funding now available under the monumental $4.2 billion Environmental Bond Act, the path to an electric, zero-emission school bus fleet by 2035 just got clearer. This move not only echoes New York’s dedication to slashing greenhouse gas emissions but also underscores the commitment to our children’s health and the planet’s future.

Funding Insights

Thanks to the New York School Bus Incentive Program, managed by NYSERDA, districts and bus operators can now access financial assistance to ease into the electric transition. With grants starting at $25,000 per bus, covering everything from charging stations to installation.

Your Path to Eligibility

If your district has welcomed an electric school bus into its fleet post-January 1, 2023, you’re in luck. Eligible funding avenues range broadly, from district resources to federal incentives, making it easier for you to jump on the electric bus bandwagon. Read the full eligibility guidelines.

Priority Districts & Boosted Funding

For those in high-need or disadvantaged communities, extra support awaits, including a potential $10,000 boost per bus ensuring no district is left behind in the green transition.

Applicants who choose the option to complete a Fleet Electrification Plan can receive up to an additional $30,000 per bus covering a comprehensive evaluation of existing fleet operations, an analysis of current site electrical capabilities, and will serve as an action plan for electrifying the applicant’s entire fleet by 2035.

Partner with PISO: From Planning to Powering Up

At PISO, we’re more than just your infrastructure provider; we’re your partner in greening the future of school transportation. Navigating funding applications, planning your electric fleet, and installing the latest in charging technology are our expertise. Let us take the wheel in transforming your school’s transportation system into a model of sustainability and efficiency.

PISO’s Promise

Embracing New York’s electric school bus funding with PISO means embarking on a seamless transition journey, backed by support every step of the way. Let’s drive towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow together.

With PISO, electrifying your school bus fleet is more than a goal—it’s a reality within reach. Contact us to discover how we can power your transition to electric buses, paving the way for a sustainable future.

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