Intern Spotlight: Where Are They Now? | Colin Mance

At PlugIn Stations Online (PISO), we pride ourselves on providing invaluable experiences to our interns, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in their future careers. In our very first Intern Spotlight: Where Are They Now? we catch up with Colin Mance. Colin’s journey from an intern at PISO to a career with Homeland Security and Cybersecurity showcases the profound impact our internship program can have. Colin’s time with us was marked by growth, learning, and the development of lasting professional relationships, setting a solid foundation for his impressive career trajectory.

Here’s what Colin had to say about his time at PISO and how it has helped shape his career path:

“Reflecting on my time working at PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) for a little over a year, I could not be more thankful for the growth and opportunities PISO offered me. John Doran is not only like family to me, but he is also the best boss I have ever had. I acquired many skills from my employment at PISO. From good old manual labor to fostering client relationships, the knowledge and expertise I garnered will forever be useful and applicable throughout my professional career. My fellow employees at PISO had a positive impact on me as well. The employees in the office were always very professional and friendly which is why I always looked forward to interacting with them. The electricians were always willing to teach me and take me under their wing and I am indebted to them for that.

After leaving PISO I graduated from the University at Albany in their College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity. During my undergraduate studies, I was grateful to be a part of many selective extracurricular activities in my field that opened many doors for me. I interned at the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services in their Policy and Program Development Unit (DHSES). At DHSES I wrote policy memos and led presentations on targeted violence attacks. I was selected to the FBI Collegiate Academy and heard from agents in different units, their philosophy on domestic security, and received a tour of the Albany FBI Field Office. Finally, I was accepted into the New York Hope program at the State Preparedness Training Center where, over four days, we ran through multiple simulations of search and rescue, flood rescue, and active shooter events.

I aspire to work in the Intelligence field for the federal government either as an analyst or officer. Currently, I am beginning a position with DHSES as a Homeland Security Program Analyst in their Office of Counterterrorism Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit. With that being said, I could not have been in this position without my time at PISO, and will always reflect fondly on my time with the company.”

Colin’s story is a testament to the meaningful and transformative experiences our interns gain at PISO. His reflections highlight the supportive and educational environment we strive to create for all our employees. As Colin embarks on his promising career in Homeland Security, we are immensely proud of his achievements and honored to have been a part of his journey. We look forward to seeing the continued success of our interns, who, like Colin, go on to make significant contributions in their chosen fields.

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