Introducing Charge Ready NY 2.0: A New Wave of Funding

We’re excited to announce that NYSERDA’s Charge Ready NY 2.0 has been officially released! This new wave of funding is designed to offset the cost of electric vehicle (EV) chargers and open up new opportunities for businesses and organizations across New York State. With a total commitment of $12 million, the program is geared toward making our environment cleaner, bringing in more business, and making EV charging more accessible.

Charge Ready NY 2.0 Program & Incentives

The heart of this program, Charge Ready NY 2.0, is aimed at public, private, and non-profit organizations looking to install Level 2 EV charging stations at workplaces, multi-unit dwellings (MUD’s), or public facilities run by municipal or state government entities. The funding offered is on a per-plug basis, with $2000 per plug for approved charging stations and $4000 per plug for public entities located in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC).

These funds can also be combined with NYS utility funding to further ease the cost. To make the process even smoother, your contractor is allowed to receive the money directly, allowing the funds to be subtracted from your total out-of-pocket costs. This incentive is limited to 20 plugs per location and requires a minimum of four ports.

Charge Ready NY 2.0 is offering bonus incentives for organizations that take extra steps to promote EV adoption in their own fleets or among their employees/tenants. Depending on the size of your workplace or MUD, you could be eligible for additional incentives of varying amounts.

Application Process

The program application process is simple and straightforward. You can apply either before or after the installation of your charging station, with NYSERDA providing all the necessary assistance and documentation to ensure a smooth process. All incentives will be paid upon the completion of the charging station installation and the submission of the appropriate documentation.

Whether you’re a public facility located within a DAC, a workplace, or a multi-unit dwelling, you’re eligible to participate in Charge Ready NY 2.0. However, there are specific requirements for each location type to ensure fair and efficient usage of the funds. These requirements, along with all other program rules, are comprehensively listed in the Charge Ready NY Program Implementation Manual.

However, note that certain projects and locations are ineligible. Charging stations at MUD locations with fewer than ten connected housing units or workplaces with fewer than twenty employees do not qualify. In addition, projects that have already received funding for charging equipment from certain programs are not eligible for Charge Ready NY 2.0.

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