PISO at the EV Charging Summit & Expo 2024

PISO recently had the privilege of participating in the EV Charging Summit & Expo held on March 20-22 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. As a leader and founding company in the EV Charging Infrastructure industry, our team was excited to immerse ourselves in the latest innovations and industry insights. Here’s a glimpse into our experience at this transformative event:

Exploring Power Generation at Hoover Dam

Before the Summit commenced, the PISO team embarked on a memorable tour of the Hoover Dam and its remarkable power plant housing an impressive seventeen electric generators. Witnessing the scale of power generation firsthand provided valuable context for our work in the EV charging industry.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

After setting up our exhibitor booth, we engaged with attendees, exchanging insights and forging valuable connections with fellow industry professionals. The opportunity to network allowed us to gain fresh perspectives and explore potential collaborations for future endeavors. Our team had a blast testing attendees with trivia questions and very Las Vegas-esque prizes.

Interviewing Industry Leaders

CEO and Founder John Doran had the privilege of meeting industry partners, new innovators, and EVCS leaders. One highlight was the discussion with Chris McKinley, Director of US partnerships at Swtch Energy, one of our esteemed partners providing turnkey software solutions for Level 2 and DCFC chargers. Additionally, John Doran connected with Byron Magnanelli, Managing Partner for EVCS, to discuss the exponential growth of the Summit and exciting prospects for the future.

CEO John Doran Takes The Stage

Taking the stage as a featured speaker, CEO John Doran addressed the audience on the critical topic of EV station maintenance and reliability. His insights into creating operational efficiencies to ensure ROI resonated with attendees, sparking meaningful discussions on optimizing charging infrastructure.

Looking Ahead

The 2024 EV Charging Summit & Expo was a resounding success, offering invaluable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and innovation. As PISO continues to drive progress in the EV charging landscape, we remain committed to staying at the forefront of industry developments and delivering cutting-edge solutions.

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