PISO Staff Spotlight: Andrew Bourdeau, Sales Support Specialist

Meet Andrew Bourdeau, our Sales Support Specialist at PISO, who works to foster and strengthen relationships with utility companies across New York State, New Jersey, and the New England region. As the direct liaison between PISO and these utilities, Andrew ensures project success through seamless communication and coordination.

PISO’s Role in the EV World

PISO stands out as a full turn-key EV installer, bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every project. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each installation benefits the business, workplace, or space where it is implemented. Andrew and his team meticulously develop plans and prospective projects, guaranteeing that each EV station or related endeavor is executed with long-term success in mind.

Andrew’s Favorite PISO Project

Reflecting on his time with PISO thus far, Andrew recalls his favorite project in Albany County, where he became an integral part of six to seven installation sites. “I was more involved than I expected to be,” Andrew shares. “That extra motivation helped prove to everyone, including myself, that I am a benefit to PISO.”

Leading the Charge in EV Infrastructure

PISO has established itself as a leader in EV charging through consistent project success and substantial growth. Our significant footprint in Level 2 charging across New York State and beyond is a testament to our capabilities. Additionally, our expansion into bus projects, revamping entire transit authorities, highlights our depth of knowledge and versatility in the EV sector.

Staying Ahead of the EV Curve

PISO is committed to continuous learning and adaptation to remain at the forefront of the EV industry. “We always strive to be the smartest person in the room,” Andrew explains. “By staying in step or even a step ahead of any changes or upgrades in the EV world, we ensure that we provide our customers with the best and most up-to-date solutions.”

A Bright Future with PISO

As PISO continues to evolve, guided by dedicated professionals like Andrew Bourdeau, we are poised for remarkable achievements in shaping the future of EV infrastructure. Each project we undertake is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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