PISO Staff Spotlight: Brian Fetterman, A Driver Of Success

A behind-the-scenes look into the PISO staff and Brian Fetterman’s role.

Plug-in Stations Online (PISO) is at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, and the success behind its wide range of projects stems from the dedication and skill of its team members. One such star player is Brian Fetterman, the Senior Project Manager.

Brian’s role as a Senior Project Manager is pivotal. As the “driver of the bus,” Brian facilitates work and ensures that the necessary groups converge for a project’s progress. His responsibility doesn’t stop at coordination; he actively pushes both individuals and organizations to meet timelines and budgets, ensuring the projects are not only complete but excel.

Powering a Substation with PISO

A testament to PISO’s capabilities and Brian’s leadership is their collaboration with the NFTA and New York Power Authority. Together, they undertook an impressive project: the installation of a large-scale bus charging facility. This ambitious venture saw the construction of a 3.7-megawatt substation designed to power a staggering 90 bus chargers, organized into ten lanes with nine chargers each.

These projects exemplify our team’s ability to grasp new technologies, adapt, learn, and execute without a hitch. As the EV industry continues to evolve, PISO, with Brian at the helm of many projects, is keen on staying ahead, eagerly learning about emerging technologies, and establishing itself as the industry leader.

As the landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure grows, one thing is clear – PISO and its dynamic team, led by talents like Brian Fetterman, are set to drive the future.

At PISO, we’re not just building charging stations; we’re fueling the future. Stay plugged in by reading our blog and case studies!

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