PISO Staff Spotlight: Chris Carmody, VP of Business Development

In the rapidly evolving world of EV infrastructure, the pioneering spirit and innovative drive of our team are what set PISO apart. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on a key player in PISO’s success story: Chris Carmody, Vice President of Business Development.

From Climate Advocacy to EV Infrastructure Leader

Chris’s journey with PISO began five years ago, stemming from a passion for sustainable solutions and a chance encounter through community involvement. Chris’s introduction to PISO was not your typical job application; it was his active participation in his town’s Climate Smart Committee that set his path toward PISO. Tasked with writing a grant for a level two charger installation, the committee chose PISO for the project. His keen understanding and interest in the technology caught the attention of CEO and Founder John Doran, leading to a collaboration that has since blossomed into a vital role within the company.

Fostering Flexibility and Innovation

At PISO, Chris enjoys the freedom to pursue projects that not only promise lucrative returns for the company but also interest him. This autonomy has been a driving factor behind PISO’s success, allowing the team to explore new technologies and take on ambitious projects without the constraints of rigid corporate directives.

Leading By Example: The Buffalo Project

A highlight of Chris’s tenure at PISO and what he names as PISO’s biggest success to date is the groundbreaking NFTA project in Buffalo, which involves the installation of pantograph chargers and a substation to transition the fleet of 120 diesel and hybrid buses to electric over the next 12 years. With 27 commissioned chargers in the works and 9 already installed, this initiative is to be hailed as the largest pantograph installation in the country. The project showcases PISO’s ability to navigate and overcome unique challenges while setting new standards for the industry.

Looking Ahead & Leading the Charge

Chris believes that PISO’s innovative approach to integrating new technologies and maintaining existing infrastructure positions the company as an industry leader. The success of projects like the NFTA pantograph demonstrates PISO’s expertise but also cements its role as a leader in EV infrastructure development.

At PISO, we’re proud of the culture of innovation and collaboration we’ve cultivated, exemplified by team members like Chris Carmody. As we continue to lead the way in EV infrastructure, we’re excited about the future projects Chris and the team will bring to fruition, driving us toward a more sustainable world.

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