PlugIn Stations Online adds new EV to the Fleet

In early March, PlugIn Stations Online added a new all electric vehicle to the company fleet. After a thorough search process, the final decision was made on a 2022 KIA EV6. This is KIA’s first fully electric vehicle distributed by the company and has burst onto the EV scene. The EV6 offers north of 300 miles in range on a fully charge and KIA has confirmed that the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in under 18 minutes when connected to a 350kW charger. Inside the car shows a variety of new age technological features across the dashboard and control panels. Additionally, the EV6 is shaped and qualified as a sedan, but shares the same wheelbase length as their new three row SUV leaving plenty of passenger space. The new EV is even capable of going 0-60 in brisk 4.5 seconds. Through the upgrade PISO is now able to effectively perform test charges at NYPA/DCFC sites across the state. The EV6 allows for charging capabilities that exceeds most comparable models on the road today. PISO’s brand new red EV6 was just recently lettered and is now ready to hit the road. Keep an eye out for the newest addition to the fleet!

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