PISO Staff Spotlight: Brandon Mortka, Commercial Sales Leader

At PISO, our success story is crafted by the dedicated individuals who form our dynamic team. Meet one of those key individuals, Brandon Mortka, our Commercial Sales Leader.

A Day in the Life of Brandon Mortka

In his role, Brandon spearheads full turnkey sales for a variety of charging projects, including level two and DC fast charging jobs. In his words, “Every day at PISO brings something new; there’s always something new to learn.” Brandon thrives in this ever-changing environment, appreciating the excitement that new projects bring alongside the camaraderie within our team, which includes quite a few hockey players – a perfect fit for an enthusiast like him.

Brandon reflects on his most rewarding project to date – the installation of chargers at Burlington Airport. Serving public use, fleet, and transit vehicles, this project epitomizes PISO’s commitment to creating EV accessibility for everyone within the communities we serve.

PISO Builds for Present and Future

Brandon’s work goes beyond merely providing charging solutions. He prides himself on educating our customers comprehensively, from charging speeds to the intricate details of a project including utility coordination, station manufacturing, and everything in between. Brandon ensures our focus is not just on the present, but that we prioritize setting up infrastructure for the future.

The EV charging landscape is evolving rapidly, and Brandon helps ensure that PISO stays ahead of the curve. Regular interactions with industry leaders and major providers keep us well-informed about upcoming trends. This foresight allows us to guide our customers in every step of the process and prepare them for the inevitable surge in EV adoption.

Choose PISO for Flexibility, Focus, and Expertise

When you choose PISO, you can rest assured that someone like Brandon will have your best interests in mind and be a resource for you not only in the moment but for as long as you need. We work with all the big names, not just one, ensuring we can tailor solutions to meet our customers’ goals rather than focusing solely on price. This strategy allows us to provide the most accurate and logical direction for our customers’ EV charging needs.

Watch Brandon Mortka’s video interview where he delves deeper into the world of EV infrastructure, his role, and the exciting future of PISO. There’s always more to discover at PISO. Stay plugged in by reading our blog and case studies!

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