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PlugIn Stations Online LLC (PISO) headquartered in Valatie, New York offers high-performing electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment. As an installer and distributor, we serve as the bridge between charging technology providers, public and private stakeholders, and end-users.


Our Expertise

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) has a proven track record of providing quality services. We have decades of combined experience in electrical installations, which is why we can deliver excellent results. You can trust our team of excavators, electricians, and fabricators who are always ready to respond to your needs.


We are New York’s #1 ChargePoint installer and distributor. We have been working with them since 2011, making us a premier partner of ChargePoint. Aside from this, we have excellent relationships with EVBox, BTC, Tritium, Blink, Flow, Greenlots and JuiceBox.

We are a platinum partner with EVBox and have been working with them since 2017. As for BTC and Tritium, we are proud to carry some of their excellent offerings of DCFC equipment. JuiceBox also offers an exciting option to customers who want a SmartGrid oriented solution. We take care of our partners as much as we take care of our customers.

Plugin Stations specializes in supporting our customers through the rebate and incentive application process. Currently, almost all states in America have some form of rebate or incentives program available to help offset the cost of purchasing and installing electric vehicle charging stations. Typically, you can stack state incentive with utility incentives. Please reach out for more information. 

  • Federal Tax Incentive Programs 
  • Local utility incentives (Con Edison, National Grid, NYSEG, PSEG, RG&E, Central Hudson and more!)
  • Varies by utility, potential to cover all electrical, project management and site work costs. This typically depends on the nature of the project. 
  • NYS Alternative Fuels/Electric Vehicle
  • Recharging Property Credit: 50% of the cost (after other state rebates) up to $5000

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EV Charging is a growing industry. Our charging stations benefit people in hospitals, municipalities, universities, multi-family dwellings, residential areas, and commercial spaces. If you are interested in buying and/or installing one in your area, reach out to us today for more information.

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