City of Albany

City of Albany: Promoting EV Driving

The City of Albany’s Office of Sustainability sought to promote electric vehicle driving and present itself as an EV-friendly and forward-thinking municipality. PISO helped carry out this initiative through a two-phase EV infrastructure project.

Breaking Ground

To promote EV driving, the city found there was a lack of public-facing chargers for residents. With charging accessibility, Albany’s focus on EV driving and sustainability would be difficult to achieve.

Site Work

PISO worked with the City of Albany to review possible charging locations and to create a citywide plan for EV charging deployment.

Post Install

Phase one of the project included 16 public-facing level 2 charging plugs spread out among six sites throughout the city. It was important for sites to be included in underserved communities as well. PISO was also actively involved in securing NYSERDA and National Grid funding for the project. The entire phase was paid for with incentive funding (approximately $150k), leaving no out-of-pocket expenses to the city.

In 2022, PISO worked with the City of Albany to review additional sites for a larger phase two deployment. The total value of this phase would be $625k. PISO, the City of Albany, and LaBerge Group recently submitted a funding application to NYSDEC for this project and anticipates the project moving forward.

Finished Product

As a result, the City of Albany proudly offers more accessible charging stations for EV drivers throughout the community. The municipality looks forward to continuing its efforts of promoting EV driving and sustainability.

Key Highlights

  • Installed 16 level 2 charging plugs
  • Built out 6 charging sites throughout Albany
  • Helped secure $150k in funding for the project

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