Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive: A Multi-State Charging Solution

Cox Automotive, a vehicle services and technology provider, is receiving an increasing number of EVs in the coming years that they would fix up and bring to used car dealerships and auctions. The company reached out to PISO for a charging infrastructure that could take on hundreds of vehicles across multiple locations.

Key Highlights

  • Installed new 400A electrical service
  • Built foundation for 44 level 2 plugs
  • Installed 14 new plugs
  • Added 6 plugs in other areas of complex

Besides the NY project, PISO completed installations for Cox Manheim in PA, NJ, Baltimore, and five sites throughout Florida.

Breaking Ground

Manheim of Cox Automotive is in the business of refurbishing and reselling used cars on a mass scale. The company is receiving an influx of used Teslas at certain locations and is anticipating receiving a growing number of EVs in the coming years. The challenge for them is to be able to charge hundreds of vehicles without spending millions of dollars on electrical equipment to power the chargers.

Site Work

At the NY site receiving Teslas, PISO provided a system that allows for load management. This means the power of each charger can be controlled so the total power of the group chargers doesn’t exceed the available power.

Post Install

The project included installing a moderately sized 400A electrical service and 14 level 2 plugs. Additionally, PISO provided the foundations and put the conduit in place for an additional 30 plugs. By taking advantage of the long “dwell time” of the lot, PISO was able to prepare for charging a large number of vehicles with relatively little infrastructure.

Finished Product

PISO was able to provide a power-saving solution to Cox Manheim’s growing need for EV charging across multiple state locations. The project cost a total of $95,000, and PISO helped secure utility and state rebates for the project, bringing the total out-of-pocket cost of only $5000 to the customer.

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