NYSERDA Schools EV Education Project

The NYSERDA Schools EV Education Project, a landmark initiative in New York State, aims to seamlessly integrate electric vehicle (EV) technology into educational environments. This 1.5-year project, with PISO, Energetics, and Clean Communities of Central New York (CCoCNY) at the helm, is reshaping how schools approach sustainable transportation education.

Breaking Ground

The primary challenge of the NYSERDA Schools EV Education Project was to embed EV charging infrastructure within school settings, ensuring it becomes an integral part of the learning experience. The project aimed to lay the groundwork for a future where EV technology is a standard part of education.

Site Work

PISO’s involvement was critical in identifying and preparing schools for participation. In collaboration with Energetics and CCoCNY, PISO was instrumental in the technical and educational aspects of the project. A key goal was to ensure that at least five schools were equipped and ready to be part of this innovative endeavor.

Post Install

In this phase, the NYSERDA Schools EV Education Project really took shape. Up to 20 school districts were offered one free networked EV charger, with the opportunity to supplement this with NYS utility funding to assist in installation costs. Schools were required to implement a specialized curriculum, developed by the three organizations, to educate their students and faculty about EVs.

Finished Product

As the project approaches its conclusion in the spring of 2024, the participating schools stand as beacons of innovative, sustainable education. They are not only equipped with state-of-the-art EV charging stations but also enriched with in-depth knowledge about EV technology, setting a precedent for future educational initiatives.

Key Highlights

  • Engagement and Installation: PISO successfully engaged with multiple schools, ensuring the installation of advanced networked EV chargers as part of the NYSERDA Schools EV Education Project.
  • Educational Integration: The project uniquely combined practical EV technology with an educational curriculum, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Funding and Accessibility: By leveraging NYS utility funding, the project provided cost-effective solutions for schools to embrace EV technology.
  • Anticipated Impact: As the project concludes in 2024, it promises to showcase the transformative role of EV technology in educational settings.

The NYSERDA Schools EV Education Project exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to education, seamlessly blending technology with learning. It paves the way for future initiatives aiming to integrate practical technology into school curriculums, preparing the next generation for a more sustainable world.

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