Red Hook, NY

Bringing Fast EV Charging to Red Hook, NY

In an effort to make fast EV charging more accessible, PISO recently established Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations in the town of Red Hook, NY.

Key Highlights

  • Extensive collaboration between PISO, the Town of Red Hook, the local utility company, ChargePoint, Milbank, and Central Hudson.
  • Submission of the DEC application on behalf of the Town and coordination of post-award paperwork.
  • Execution of utility make-ready program funding applications on behalf of the Town.
  • Utilization of MWBE resources.
  • Installation, termination, and commissioning of two ChargePoint CPE250’s (62.5KW).

Breaking Ground

The scope of the project was wide-ranging and aimed at overcoming the barrier to EV adoption in Red Hook by providing accessible, reliable, and efficient charging stations. PISO’s primary challenge was to navigate the complex process of planning, acquiring funding, and working alongside multiple stakeholders. The company was tasked with developing a layout and interconnection plan with the town, preparing site and work plans, handling budgeting and funding applications, and ultimately installing and commissioning high-power DCFC stations.

Site Work

The site work involved detailed planning and physical groundwork. PISO coordinated meetings with the Town of Red Hook and the local utility to develop a comprehensive layout and interconnection plan. This was followed by the preparation of a site plan, work plan, and budget, which were incorporated into the DEC application.

Trenching from an existing utility pole over a 200′ distance was carried out to accommodate a new transformer, pits for the transformer, Milbank, and charge posts. PISO then proceeded to install, terminate, and commission two ChargePoint CPE250s (62.5Kw).

In addition, the team helped coordinate post-award paperwork with the DEC to assure the funding. They also completed utility make-ready program funding applications on behalf of the town, and strategically utilized MWBE resources throughout the project.

Post Install

Upon the successful installation of the charging stations, PISO’s efforts continued. Post-installation work involved a thorough review of the system to ensure optimal operation, followed by comprehensive testing and final commissioning. Post-award paperwork was meticulously handled, ensuring the timely release of funding. Moreover, PISO continued to work with the town and local utility company to ensure the smooth operation of the newly installed stations and address any arising concerns or technical issues.

Finished Product

The successful completion of this project resulted in two fully operational ChargePoint CPE250s (62.5KW) fast charging stations in Red Hook. These stations serve not only the residents of Red Hook but also anyone traveling through the town with an electric vehicle. It has significantly boosted the town’s capacity to support electric vehicle usage and contributes to environmental sustainability.

This project stands as a testament to PISO’s commitment to delivering high-quality EV charging solutions and its ability to effectively collaborate with multiple stakeholders to overcome complex challenges. It is another step forward in the drive towards a more sustainable future and exemplifies the potential of effective partnerships in advancing EV infrastructure.

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