Working With Various Groups for EV Infrastructure Installations

NYPA: PISO is currently working under contract with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) on several critical infrastructure projects:


In 2021, PISO is building 14 EVolveNY next-generation car charging sites across New York: NYPA is working towards building out a robust network of public charging sites for drivers. These sites will allow cars to replenish 200 miles of driving range in approximately 15 minutes.

PISO and NYPA anticipate building 20+ additional EVolveNY sites in 2022, and more in future years.

Spring 2022, PISO will commission the first set of chargers in a Buffalo bus depot that currently houses 120 buses. The first phase of construction includes the construction of a substation to supply enough power for all 120 buses to eventually charge in the depot. PISO plans to add chargers at a rate of approx. 10 per year for the next 10 years as the fleet turns over. The chargers being installed are “overhead pantograph” —when the bus parks for the night a robotic arm lowers and connects power to the bus.

PISO recently was awarded a contract to become NYPA’s primary service provider for charging equipment installed north of Westchester.


Plugin Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with MTA to complete the first two DC Fast Charger installations. With aim to push towards 0 emissions by 2040. The New York City transportation giant called on PISO EV to kick off the project.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has partnered with PISO to kick off a massive project, transitioning all of its Fleet vehicles to electric by 2040. MTA and PISO started the transition in early 2021, installing the first DC Fast Charger in MTA’s headquarters located under the former Tappan Zee Bridge. The bridge now titled, “Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge” named by Former Governor Andrew Cuomo to honor his father, previous New York Governor, Mario Cuomo.

Currently, MTA has plans to transition 45-60 fleet buses into EV’s by the end of 2021. With sights set on a complete transition of it’s 5,500 plus buses to zero-emissions by 2040. A massive project to say the least. Completely transitioning the entire fleet to EV’s will save an estimated 17 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses annually.

PISO is proud to have installed the first two Fast Chargers for MTA to kick off the project. As MTA prepares to kick off the second phase of the project this fall, Plugin Stations Online will be on the ground to support the efforts.

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