Working With Various Groups for EV Infrastructure Installations

NYPA: PISO is currently working under contract with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) on several critical infrastructure projects:

Plugin Stations Online LLC

In 2021, PISO is building 14 EVolveNY next-generation car charging sites across New York: NYPA is working towards building out a robust network of public charging sites for drivers. These sites will allow cars to replenish 200 miles of driving range in approximately 15 minutes.

PISO and NYPA anticipate building 20+ additional EVolveNY sites in 2022, and more in future years.

Spring 2022, PISO will commission the first set of chargers in a Buffalo bus depot that currently houses 120 buses. The first phase of construction includes the construction of a substation to supply enough power for all 120 buses to eventually charge in the depot. PISO plans to add chargers at a rate of approx. 10 per year for the next 10 years as the fleet turns over. The chargers being installed are “overhead pantograph” —when the bus parks for the night a robotic arm lowers and connects power to the bus.

PISO recently was awarded a contract to become NYPA’s primary service provider for charging equipment installed north of Westchester.


Plugin Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with MTA to complete the first two DC Fast Charger installations. With aim to push towards 0 emissions by 2040. The New York City transportation giant called on PISO EV to kick off the project.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has partnered with PISO to kick off a massive project, transitioning all of its Fleet vehicles to electric by 2040. MTA and PISO started the transition in early 2021, installing the first DC Fast Charger in MTA’s headquarters located under the former Tappan Zee Bridge. The bridge now titled, “Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge” named by Former Governor Andrew Cuomo to honor his father, previous New York Governor, Mario Cuomo.

Currently, MTA has plans to transition 45-60 fleet buses into EV’s by the end of 2021. With sights set on a complete transition of it’s 5,500 plus buses to zero-emissions by 2040. A massive project to say the least. Completely transitioning the entire fleet to EV’s will save an estimated 17 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses annually.

PISO is proud to have installed the first two Fast Chargers for MTA to kick off the project. As MTA prepares to kick off the second phase of the project this fall, Plugin Stations Online will be on the ground to support the efforts.

​For more information regarding this project, please reach out to []( or call (855) 467-3751 to see how we can help you today!

NFTA Buffalo Bus Depot:

9/1/2021: PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with NFTA to completely install an Electric Bus Depot for over 90 fleet vehicles. The project still in planning phase, plans to kick off install in late 2021. What looks to be a 10-year project will transition the current bus depot into a 100% electric fleet. The project aims to complete one section per year until complete. Fleet vehicles will pull into the depot and park under the chargers. The next generation charging depot will then drop a fleet charger from overhead to plug directly into the fleet vehicle.

​This massive project is a start to a major renovation of Buffalo fleet vehicles. The city aims to transfer its entire fleet into electric vehicles by 2035. NTFA aims to kick off the first wave of its electric fleet in the spring of 2022. In addition, the bus depot plans to comply with New York’s requirement for upstate’ s largest transit authorities to electrify 25% of their fleets by 2025 and 100% by 2035. PISO is proud to partner with NFTA to make this dream a reality.

Cox Auto Inc

9/1/2021: PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is a proud partner of Cox Auto Inc (Manheim). PISO has installed level 2 chargers to date at 4 Manheim locations with multiple more sites in progress. Combining for well over 50 ports between the various locations. The two companies partnered in 2020 and look to continue development into 2022. Cox Automotive is a leading and collaborative voice for electric vehicle deployment and charging. As EV’s become more popular PISO is very proud to partner with the auto giant developing stations along the East Coast! PISO and Cox Auto look forward to future development.

City of Albany

9/27/2021: PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) primarily located right outside of the City of Albany, is proud to have installed multiple stations throughout the City of Albany. The City of Albany and PISO have teamed up to successfully installed over 20 plugs to date, with multiple level 2 sites still in progress. The municipality is leading the charge in developing local infrastructure to prepare for a full city of convenient, eco-friendly driving. With help from local utilities, the City of Albany continues to call on PlugIn Stations to help turn the city green. Albany is committed to developing innovative solutions to support a more sustainable future for our community. PISO is proud to help develop our local municipalities and look forward to what the future holds.

SUNY (State University of New York)

Education is our future! Without colleges developing students for the future, we have no future. That is why PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is proud develop multiple sites for SUNY facilities across the state of New York. To date, PISO has completed 3 SUNY sites with an additional 3 in progress. With 12 level 2 ports already installed, and many more to go it is easy to get excited about SUNY projects. SUNY Schools currently plan to install level 2 chargers at all locations with availability to all parkers.

Tri-City Rentals

1/1/2019: PlugIn Stations Online is a proud partner of Tri-City Rentals. Tri-City rentals is a premier multifamily renter scattered through out the state of New York. Installing stations across multi family locations has never been more important. Preparing the infrastructure for the future of EV driving makes it critical for renters to have access to charging as close to home as possible. With soaring homeowner prices its more important now than ever to ensure renters have easy access to vehicle charging.

Cornell University:

2/19/2019: Cornell University teams up with PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) to complete level 2 install. The PISO team was called upon by the “Big Red” to initiate a green movement at the university. The project is one of 11 locations in Tompkins County boasting all ChargePoint chargers. Cornell offers free EV charging through this station to all members of the lot.

Village of Lake Placid:

3/31/2021: The Village of Lake Placid, a tourist hot spot both in the warmer and colder months calls on PlugIn Stations Online to initiate a green movement. Kicking off the project with the install of two level 2 stations in 2020. The PISO team has completed the project with more work planned throughout the village. Lake Placid is one of many ideal locations for EV chargers as it’s a popular travel destination littered with scenic views, tourist activities, and plenty of good food. PISO is proud to partner will local municipalities to encourage tourism growth and continued development.

Town of Bethlehem:

5/1/2021: PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) has partnered with the Town of Bethlehem to install level 2 chargers throughout the town. With over 10 plugs complete and installed by the midpoint of 2021, the town has called on PISO to continue to support further development into 2022. With support from National Grid, the town and PISO continue to drive convenience for local EV drivers. Please reach out to see how we can help develop and push your town towards the future of EV driving.

Samaritan Hospital:

9/1/2020: Samaritan Hospital along with PlugIn Stations Online, completes install of 2 dual port level two chargers for visitor use. The 12 available plugs are intended for patient and visitor use with no charge. Providing EV charging services is one small way the hospital can help ease the nerves of patients with enough to worry about as is. PISO a turn-key EV charger installer understands the situation of our clients and works very hard to ensure a budget friendly project that will support and fulfill the needs of our clients. PISO is excited to work with health care providers to ensure a stress free, easy access project can be complete within budget.

Albany County:

Plugin Stations Online (PISO) teams up with the Albany County to kick off 6 new sites! Level 2 charging close to home is always something worth getting excited over. PISO is proud to help charge the Capital Region. With support from National Grid (the local utility), the Albany County project is set to kick off in the second half of 2021. With 14 ports scheduled for the project, this should help boost the local infrastructure preparing for the future of EV drivers. All sites located in public parking lots with easy access for public charging. Though there is always work to be done, PISO strives to keep our local community at the forefront of EV charging.

The stations will all be ChargePoint Ct4000's. These networked stations are long lasting, easy to use and fit the bill. For more information on how you can help charge your local community, please reach out to

Town of Ballston:

10/12/2021: PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) partners with the Town of Ballston for two level 2 EV charging projects. The Town of Ballston has selected two public lots for level 2 EV charging starting in the second half of October in 2021. The town already having a few level 2 charging locations is on the forefront of preparing infrastructure for the future of EV charging. Combined with attracting new visitors to the town, this project will allow public access to charging at ease. The Town is installing ChargePoint CT4000 networked stations for easy usage and long life cycle. Partnered with National Grid, PlugIn Stations and the utility will expand growth to the grid to ensure the power is sufficient to get the most out of these chargers. The Town of Ballston is another example of a local municipality preparing for future growth of the Electric Vehicle driving community. We are proud to help charge our local community!


PlugIn Stations Online is proud to be partnered with Pepsi. In 2019, PlugIn Stations installed 10 dual port level 2 chargers at PepsiCo's world headquarters in Hamlet, New York. The outdated chargers needed to be swapped to prepare for future usage. Pepsi called on PlugIn Stations to come inspect the site and make the change. Plugs are available to employees of the company. For more information on how PlugIn Stations can help your company grow towards the future, please reach out to

Alan Byer Volvo:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is a proud partner of Alan Byer Volvo. The dealership located in Syracuse is on the forefront of preparing for transition of vehicle sales into electric vehicles. With support from local utilities and the NYSERDA program in the state of New York, PISO is excited to help prepare dealerships for this future. As legislation continues to push vehicle sales into a fully electric industry, it is very important to jump on funding opportunities to help cover the costs of these projects. For expert advice and help with project planning, please reach out to to see how we can help you charge the future!

Brooklyn Home Company:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) knows the importance of installing chargers close to home. With soaring house and property prices, it is more important now than ever to install chargers for renters! The multi-unit dwellings market may be the most important community in need of EV charging. PlugIn Stations Online has partnered with Brooklyn Home Company to install level two chargers at multiple locations to help tenants charge while at home. Not everyone has access to private garages and overnight charging near home. PISO understands this market and knows the importance to renters. With no charging in multi-family rental property, it can make driving an EV incredibly frustrating. To avoid that frustration and open your property up to an entirely new booming market, installing EV chargers can drive demand to your property. This is arguably more important now than ever. As EV driving continues to grow in popularity as well as accessibility the demand for at home charging is only going to grow.

​To put the importance of charging availability at home into perspective, imagine only being allowed to charge your phone while at gas stations! For daily drivers it is critical to have access to charging as close to where you sleep as possible. Please reach out to PlugIn Stations Online to see how we can help you provide at home charging to your renters today!


An industry leader in furniture well known around the country, looks to help charge the future. Installing electric fleet chargers to help power the company. Plugin Stations is proud to service Ikea’s fleet stations located in Elizabeth NJ. As EV driving becomes more popular its very important for industry giants like Ikea to transition fleet into electric. PlugIn Stations Online is happy to assist customers in achieving this goal. For advice, service, and support transitioning your fleet to fully electric, please reach out to for more information!

Town of Bethlehem

PlugIn Stations Online is a proud partner of the Town of Bethlehem. PISO helped install 12 level 2 plugs throughout the Town of Bethlehem. Though just a start, this is a major push towards an electrified future of driving.

"Transitioning the Town of Bethlehem from fossil fuels needs to be our highest priority to address the current climate emergency. Electric vehicle infrastructure like we now have in Bethlehem represents one step of many needed to put us on track to achieve New York's climate goals and lay the foundation for a clean energy future," said Maureen Cunningham, Bethlehem Town Board Member and Leadership Council Member of Elected Officials to Protect America.

National Grid’s Ev Make Ready program helped provide over $46,000 in funding for the stations in the Town of Bethlehem. Plugin Stations Online employees are trained and prepared to assist our customers in rebate programs. National Grid even allows contractors to complete the application on behalf of customers. For more information on what Plugin Stations and your local utility can do for you or your town, please reach out to for more information!

Stowe Mountain Resort

If anyone can appreciate our environment and the importance to help preserve and keep our air clean, it’s ski resorts. That is why Plugin Stations Online is proud to work with Stowe Vermont. Stowe mountain is currently working with ChargePoint and PlugIn Stations Online to install multiple level 2 plugs as well as one dual port DC Fast charger for the resort. The DC Fast charger is capable of charging your vehicle to 80% in about 20 minutes.

AKAM Associates:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with Akam Associates. Late in 2021, PISO installed 10 dual port chargers for Akam. The project located in a scenic area of New York City sparked interest in local utility Con Edson for a press release due to the beauty of the site. Though still in planning stages due to approaching winter, the site is completely energized. Preparing workplace parking lots for a growing number of EV drivers is more important now than ever. PISO is proud to help prepare Akam Associates for the future.

O’Sullivans, on the Lake:

If you have never been to O’Sullivans we highly recommend it. A beautiful vacation destination for many reasons during both the warmer and colder months. O’Sullivans, located in Lake George, New York has partnered with PlugIn Stations Online to install dual port level 2 charging for guest use. The station will help guest explore the town with no stress of needing additional charge while touring the town. PlugIn Stations Online looks forward to the opportunity to help drive attract new business to local businesses.

Goldstein GMC:

Plugin Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with Goldstein GMC on Central Ave in Albany, New York. Goldstein is a staple of the community and operates one of the largest dealerships in the capital region. A combination of both fleet and public chargers with both level 2, as well as DC fast available. There is a lot to be excited about regarding this project. The project, kicking off in q4 of 2021 will help support the new electric F150 as well as other electric vehicles pouring into the dealership. With assistance from National Grid, PISO is looking forward to continuing our relationship with local dealerships as we prepare to charger the future of driving.

The Spinney Group:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with the Spinney Group. A real estate development, construction supervision and property management group located in the Capital Region. Prior to kicking off 2022, the PISO has team has partnered with The Spinney Group on multiple projects to help charge local residents scattered across the Capital Region. With already well over 15 plugs, The Spinney Group is an exciting company helping drive a greener future. Currently boasting free charging at all ports for apartment residents. We are excited to see what the future holds for The Spinney Group! Another great example of helping renters charge close to where they sleep. Providing peace of mind for local communities.

Ulster County Savings:

PlugIn Stations Online is proud to join Ulster Savings Bank in Kingston, NY to help charge the future! With two dual port level 2 stations installed, the bank is now capable of providing simultaneous charging to 4 electric vehicles at once. Ulster Savings Bank will allow charging to both employees and public. The stations will help attract new business for the bank as well as keep employees charged and prepared to take on the roads with a full battery. We look forward to continuing to supply workplaces with charging ports and ensure a worry-free workday! Please reach out to []( to see how we can help you charge today!

Columbia Memorial Hospital:

PlugIn Stations Online is proud to have partnered with Columbia Memorial Hospital. Columbia Memorial Hospital is now on the forefront of Green Initiative. You will now be able to charge up to 12 cars at a time at the hospital.

Aries Power:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is a proud partner with Aries Power. Aries Power and their team have successfully installed solar canopies above Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to not only help provide power but push our communities to a greener world. PISO and Aries Power continue to work together on additional projects with no signs of slowing down.

Tyler Technologies:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) is proud to partner with Tyler Technologies, a software company scattered across the United States. Among other companies, Tyler Tech is at the forefront of providing EV Charging solutions for their employees.

The Woods Inn:

PlugIn Stations Online is proud to have installed stations for both residents and public visitors of The Woods Inn. The Woods Inn is a historic Adirondack destination located in Inlet, NY on Fourth Lake of the Fulton Chain Lakes.

Garvey Hyundai:

PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) in collaboration with ChargePoint and National Grid are proud to announce the completion of publicly accessible DCFC and Level 2 chargers at Garvey Hyundai. Garvey, located in Queensbury, NY is now at the forefront of electric vehicle charging solutions, a movement we are expecting to explode in the coming months/years.